Mighty castle

High above the River Töss with an extremely broad view, the Kyburg sits on its throne and symbolises the power of those who once ruled over this region: the Kyburgers, Habsburgers and Zurchers.

Romantic location

Close to Winterthur and Zurich, yet surrounded by countryside, Kyburg is the ideal destination for a historical outing.

Fascinating museum

150 years ago, Matthäus Pfau was already opening the doors of this castle to the public, who have gazed with wonder at the castle and its exhibits ever since.

Vibrant variety

Cabbage and kale, herbs for taste and healing, old varieties of vegetable and flowering plants still grow in the Wife of the High Bailiff's Garden – just as they did in the past.



Schloss Kyburg is owned by the Canton of Zurich. Since 1 April 1999, the Verein Museum Schloss Kyburg Society has been responsible for the exhibitions, any events and the running of the museum. The members of this Society include families and individuals, municipalities and cities, businesses and guilds.


For many years, Schloss Kyburg lay like Sleeping Beauty, deep in sleep. The exhibition it contained dated
from the 1920s and 1930s. In 1989, the President of the Municipal Council suggested to Jakob Stucki (who was Finance Director at that time) that he should put a working group together to breathe new life into the castle. In 1992, 25 years ago, this working group founded the Verein Museum Schloss Kyburg
society, with the aim of creating a new exhibition in Schloss Kyburg and taking over its management.

In 2017, we marked our 25th anniversary with two days of celebrations. At the official ceremony in
the Kyburg church, the Mayors of Winterthur and Illnau-Effretikon and the President of the Cantonal Council all spoke of their attachment to Kyburg and its significance to the community. On the Sunday, Kyburg offered games and archery, a theatrical production and music for all.

Ø Address by the Mayor of Winterthur, Michael Künzle

www.kyburgbilder.ch/PDF/ 25VMSK_Kuenzle.pdf

Ø Address by the President of the Cantonal Council, Karin Egli Zimmermann

[www.kyburgbilder.ch/PDF/ 25VMSK_Egli_Zimmermann.pdf

Ø A Song for Kyburg, composed for the society by G. Laetsch, TösstalerAlphornbläser. [www.kyburgbilder.ch/sound/ SchlossKyburgAlphorn.mp3">


Are you a friend of castles and palaces? Did you enjoy Museum Schloss Kyburg and the events held at the Schloss? Then why not become a Member of the Museum Schloss Kyburg Society! This will allow you to support ongoing developments, future events and the running of Museum Schloss Kyburg.

As a Member, you will enjoy free entry to Museum Schloss Kyburg; you will also be kept regularly informed about new features and invited to special events, and you will also receive the Year Book, with historical background information about Kyburg.

Membership subscriptions

Individual membership CHF 40.–

Junior membership (up to the age of 25) CHF 25.–

Family membership CHF 70.–

Patron, minimum CHF 500.–

Further information is available from:

Ruth Saller, Höhrainstrasse 8, 8157 Dielsdorf, sallerruth@gmail.com


(*Members of the Business Management Committee)

Walter Bossert*, Winterthur

Markus Brühlmeier, Zürich

Stefan Gasser, Winterthur

Bernhard Gubler, Pfäffikon

Erika Hebeisen, Zürich

Margrit Kuhn*, Winterberg

Annamaria Matter, Zürich

Ueli Müller, Effretikon

Jörg Ruosch*, Winterthur

Ruth Saller*, Winterthur

Matthias Senn*, Zürich

Susanne Sorg*, Chairman, Lindau

Simon Teuscher, Zürich

Practical information

Opening hours in 2017:
1 April to 31 October,
Tuesday to Sunday,
10am to 5.30pm

Schloss 1 8314 Kyburg

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