Mighty castle

High above the River Töss with an extremely broad view, the Kyburg sits on its throne and symbolises the power of those who once ruled over this region: the Kyburgers, Habsburgers and Zurchers.

Romantic location

Close to Winterthur and Zurich, yet surrounded by countryside, Kyburg is the ideal destination for a historical outing.

Fascinating museum

150 years ago, Matthäus Pfau was already opening the doors of this castle to the public, who have gazed with wonder at the castle and its exhibits ever since.

Vibrant variety

Cabbage and kale, herbs for taste and healing, old varieties of vegetable and flowering plants still grow in the Wife of the High Bailiff's Garden – just as they did in the past.

Museum / Team

The first castle museum in Switzerland

In 1865, Privatier Matthäus Pfau opened the Schloss to the general public as a castle museum and art gallery – the first castle museum in Switzerland. Eduard Bodmer carried on this tradition until his death. In 1917, the Canton of Zurich bought the Kyburg back and set up an exhibition that remained in place until 1999.

Court room with Mrs Bodmer - Museum Schloss Kyburg

Award-winning exhibition

Since then, the museum has been run by the Museum Schloss Kyburg Society, which put together a new permanent exhibition under the guidance of Dione Flühler-Kreis, opening in 1999. In 2001, the Garden of the High Bailiff's Wife was introduced, with cabbages and kale, herbs for seasoning and health purposes and decorative flowers. The exhibition was given a "special commendation" award by the European Museum Forum in 2002.

More castle, more Kyburg and more visitor-friendly

Schloss Kyburg will become even more attractive from 2016 to 2019. The permanent exhibition will be renovated, providing greater insight into the history of the castle and the people who ruled from here. The infrastructure for visitors is also to be improved. However, the Schloss will remain open to visitors throught the renovation period. Some individual rooms may be closed. → Further information about the "More KYBURG" project

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Museum management: Ueli Stauffacher, Silvia Schlegel

Administration and commumications: Anne-Marie Weder

Funds/supervision: Ilana Fisler,  Martin Minder, Uli Kinder

Museum technology: Ralph Dütsch

Garden: Nadja Röther

Castle maintenance assistants: Wolfgang Dobesch, Urs Kaufmann

Cleaning: Selvete Qafleshi

Tour guides: Uli Kinder, Ursina Klauser, Ursina Largiadèr, Barbara Scherrer, Christa Mathis, Martin Minder, Bettina Schöller

Practical information

Opening hours in 2017:
1 April to 31 October,
Tuesday to Sunday,
10am to 5.30pm

Schloss 1 8314 Kyburg

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