Guided tours / Workshops

Tours for the general public at Museum Schloss Kyburg

A tour through the castle and its history
On the first Sunday of every month during the season

Subject-related guided tours
On the third Sunday of every month during the season

Group tour - Museum Schloss Kyburg


Group tours

Guided tours
On guided tours, a specialist member of staff will lead you through the museum. You can book any of the following guided tours (at least two weeks in advance):

  • Traces over time: 800 years of life at the Kyburg
  • Countess, High Bailiff's Wife and maidservant: women at the Kyburg
  • Honoured Lords and their Subjects – the era of the bailiffs

Duration: 1 to 1 1/4 hours. Cost: CHF 350.— incl. entry

Duration: approx. 20 minutes. Cost: CHF 80.– excl. entry

School classes

School tour - Museum Schloss Kyburg


Through the Schloss under your own steam
We recommend that you either lead your pupils through the castle yourself or to send them on a journey of discovery with a set of clear working instructions. Otherwise, experience has shown that pupils will happily use the Museum for non-museum activities, such as playing tag, hide and seek and so on.
Most (though not all) children need a guide to discover and gather historical experiences.
Please let us know a couple of days in advance.


Museum chest containing various resources
Three brochures, each made up of about four A4 pages, describe the "Discovery tour" and allow pupils to discover the castle for themselves.

Seeing & discovering 1: The castle of the Kyburger Counts (age 10-12)
Seeing & discovering 2: High Bailiffs reigning on the Kyburg (age 12-15)
Seeing & discovering 3: The Kyburg (age 5-8)

These brochures are available at the cash till (CHF 2.-- each)

For all levels
Guided tours
Duration approx. 1 hour

For pre-schools and infant schools
The Fairytale Princess and Noble Knights
Duration 1 hour

For primary schools
Farmer, Count and King
Duration approx. 1.5 hours

For secondary schools
Duration approx. 2.2 hours

Duration approx. 2.2 hours

Paint a medieval shoe - Museum Schloss Kyburg

The castle archaeologist on the Kyburg
Duration approx. 2.2 hours

For secondary and sixth-form levels
Dominion, Court and Trade
Duration approx. 2.2 hours

Special offer for school classes